Saturday 9 March 11-8pm


  • 11-1pm Life Drawing with Hannah Wilson

Life drawing sessions and discussion about beauty and the proportion of bodies in drawing, in particular the female body. Wilson’s life size clay sculpture of a female figure will be the subject of a series of life drawing exercises, which aim to loosen up the approach to drawing and ideals of beauty. We will provide materials for drawing, but feel free to bring your own. 

  • 2-4pm Digital Empathy: Fighting with 'grrrr' and 😠with Jorge Van Den Eynde

This workshop is a study on online conflict towards an understanding of a digital empathy. It questions the misunderstandings and arguments that happen when communication is mediated by chat apps, reflecting on how our social relationships depend on technological devices and how they shape our communication and language. Participants should bring a sample of any online conversation that has brought conflict to them, texts messages, e-mail threads or Facebook/Instagram comments. These samples will be re-enacted by the participants, which will provide a physical perspective of the conversation, showing how the digital space would look face-to-face. The embodiment of these conflicts and discussion about the different dimension of interpretation and discomfort will bring the group together in a kind of group-therapy-ish style of collective empathy. 

Please bring some examples printed or on your phone, if you feel comfortable to share them with us and we will have some samples for you too. 


Jorge Van Den Eynde is an independent curator studying the MFA in Curating at Goldsmiths. His research interests focus on the digital sphere and how empathy is produced within it. 

  • 5-7 pm Recipes Against Patriarchy with Laura Mallows

Mallows invites you to discuss what patriarchy is - what it looks like, what it smells like and what it tastes like - through a performative workshop using her jelly sculptures, flowers, herbs and Venus Vases on the table's installation. Collaboratively we will make a positive potion to take with us into the world and to use where and when we feel necessary as an antidote against patriarchy. The Venus Vases approach the subject of our perception of self and womanhood through ancient symbols, exploring our relationship beyond human to human relations. They will help us channel our goddess powers into making this potion affective and imagining new futures. This work hopes to play on the domesticity of a cooking class while using action as a catalyst of resistance.

This recipe is not to be used to harm others, it is for positive future action and to enhance strength and solidarity. 
We will provide materials, but we encourage you to bring any spices or everyday flavoursome ingredients that you feel should be included in this recipe, perhaps components that recall memories or emote personal experiences.



Note: The workshop organisers are not trained psychotherapists or teachers, do not have the capacity to support any serious issues participants may have and the Swiss Church in London takes no liability in relation to this. These workshops are being held as part of artistic and research practices - if any participants feel themselves to be vulnerable or have had adverse experiences relating to any of the workshops they should not participate in these workshops.